PayPal plus

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Use the new PayPal Plus Payment in your Store.

PayPal plus combined following payment methods in one:

  • PayPal
  • Kreditcard (without paypal account)
  • Direct debit
  • pay upon invoice

you can integrate third party payment in the payment wall.

You can refund payment directly from the order. It is not neccassery to login into your PayPal account to make refund. You can refund just the fullprice. Partital refund is not supported.

Our promise

  • Lebenslanges Nutzungsrecht

    Lifetime License

    Use the addon for unlimited time.

  • Open Source Quellcode

    Open Source code

    Our files are unencrypted, you can read the complete source code, so you always know what our addon does and can edit it if necessary.

  • Kostenfreis Bug Fixing

    Free bug fixing

    We fix all bugs for free, no matter when you find them, if you find them.

  • Keine Core Dateien Änderungen

    No Core Files changes

    We are programming cleanly, so we will not create any addons that modify the core files.

  • Einfach zu Installieren

    Easy to install

    You receive from us a .zip package which you can easily install in the admin of your shop.



To use PayPal Plus you need a PayPal REST API APP

You can create one here

This is a video how to create the app

after that, install the PayPal plus Addon


Create a new paymentmethos and chose "PayPal Plus with refund" as paymentprocessor

Payment Prozessor auswählen


Please fill out the credentials from the paypal app here

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